Centre for Research in Rehabilitation (CRR)

Introduction to the centre

The Centre for Research in Rehabilitation (CRR) is a University Interdisciplinary Research Centre (UIRC) with a diverse membership that reflects the complexity of Rehabilitation as a dynamic field of practice and research. CRR focuses activities in the area of physical disability and rehabilitation research. As a "Centre Without Walls" with flexible external links, it has become a magnet for the provision of expertise in research in rehabilitation.

The centre includes experts in their fields of rehabilitation research and early career researchers, including new academic members of staff, research assistants, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral research students. We also work collaboratively with our local health providers and practitioners in order to support their research development and to ensure that our focus remains clinically directed to maximise its impact.

We have developed and enhanced a multidisciplinary approach to research, including the appropriate involvement of health care users, and we continue to develop innovative projects and partnerships in our main areas of rehabilitation research.

CRR mission

CRR aims to:

  • Develop and carry out high quality research of practical importance that enables people with disabilities to fulfil their potential for health and personal development.
  • To support clinicians, health practitioners and early career researchers to undertake and disseminate research.

The Centre currently concentrates on the following main areas of Rehabilitation Research

  • Neurological Disablement including Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injury.
  • Spinal Pain and function
  • Brain mapping and measurement of efficiency of the brain and spinal networks.
  • The impact of National and International policies and measurement of disability.
  • The evaluation of interventions
  • Assistive health technology
  • The development of healthcare users expertise in self-care.

CRR strategic goals and objectives

  • Promotopm of health research to build evidence based practice in the field of rehabilitation
  • Development of research links between health care providers and academic researchers
  • Evaluation of new and existing health technologies
  • Development of research that reflects clinical realities
  • Development of research that reduces the physical, psychological, and financial burden of care, and enables people with disabilities to fulfil their potential for health.
  • A commitment to equal opportunities for researchers, and for research participants and volunteers.

 Beneficiaries of CRR activities

  • Health and social care organisations
  • Public and private sector policy makers
  • The business community
  • Local authorities
  • Researchers and trainee researchers
  • Universities and higher education institutions
  • Healthcare Professionals

And most importantly

  • Persons with disabilities and their carers

Contact Details

For further information about the centre please contact Professor Lorraine de Souza (Centre Director).

Email: lorraine.desouza@brunel.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1895 268755

Page last updated: Tuesday 13 September 2011