Name and Title Phone Email Office
Dr Geraldine Barrett
Senior Lecturer
+44 (0)1895 268740 Email Dr Geraldine Barrett Mary Seacole Building 3/7
Dr Betty Cassidy
Programme Lead for the BSc (Hons)
+44 (0)1895 268736 Email Dr Betty Cassidy Mary Seacole Building 3/41
Mr John Cossar
Division Director
+44 (0)1895 268753 Email Mr John Cossar Mary Seacole Building 3/20
Professor Lorraine De Souza
Head of School, Director of Research in Rehabilitation centre
+44 (0)1895 268755 Email Professor Lorraine De Souza Mary Seacole Building 301D
Dr Pamela Griffiths
+44 (0)1895 268769 Email Dr Pamela Griffiths Mary Seacole Building 1/2
Dr Priscilla Harries
Director of Occupational Therapy
+44 (0)1895 268773 Email Dr Priscilla Harries Mary Seacole Building 201B
Ms Alex Harvey
+44 (0)1895 268671 Email Ms Alex Harvey Mary Seacole Building 3/31
Dr Cherry Kilbride
Senior Lecturer
+44 (0)1895 268675 Email Dr Cherry Kilbride Mary Seacole Building 3/43
Dr Anne McIntyre
+44 (0)1895 268798 Email Dr Anne McIntyre Mary Seacole Building 3/32
Dr Sandra Naylor
Deputy Head (Learning & Teaching)
+44 (0)1895 268810 Email Dr Sandra Naylor Mary Seacole Building 201A
Dr Christos Nikopoulos
+44 (0)1895 268811 Email Dr Christos Nikopoulos Mary Seacole Building 1/7
Dr Panagiota Nikopoulou-Smyrni
+44 (0)1895 268771 Email Dr Panagiota Nikopoulou-Smyrni Mary Seacole Building 1/8
Dr Meriel Norris
+44 (0)1895 268685 Email Dr Meriel Norris Mary Seacole Building 3/10
Dr Alexander Nowicky
Senior Lecturer/ Programme leader MSc Neurorehabilitation
+44 (0)1895 268813 Email Dr Alexander Nowicky Mary Seacole Building 3/21
Dr Neil O'Connell
+44 (0)1895 268814 Email Dr Neil O'Connell Mary Seacole, 3rd Floor, Bay 19
Ms Anna Pratt
+44 (0)1895 268742 Email Ms Anna Pratt Mary Seacole Building 2/39
Dr Frances Reynolds
+44 (0)1895 268826 Email Dr Frances Reynolds Mary Seacole, 2nd Floor, Bay 10
Ms Jennifer Ryan
+44 (0)1895 268702 Email Ms Jennifer Ryan Mary Seacole Building 3/41
Mrs Alison Sherwin
Physiotherapy lecturer
+44 (0)1895 268802 Email Mrs Alison Sherwin Mary Seacole Building
Dr Georgia Spiliotopoulou
+44 (0)1895 268827 Email Dr Georgia Spiliotopoulou Mary Seacole Building 2/41
Ms Maria Stein
Lecturer (Thursdays and Fridays)
+44 (0)1895 268692 Email Ms Maria Stein Mary Seacole Building 3/33
Ms Stephanie Tempest
+44 (0)1895 268689 Email Ms Stephanie Tempest Mary Seacole, 2nd Floor, Bay 29
Dr Bella Vivat
Research Lecturer
+44 (0)1895 268850 Email Dr Bella Vivat Mary Seacole Building 1/11
Ms Alyson Warland
Lecturer/Admissions (PT Mode)
+44 (0)1895 268851 Email Ms Alyson Warland Mary Seacole Building 3/45
Ms Lesley Wilson
+44 (0)1895 268779 Email Ms Lesley Wilson Mary Seacole Building

Research collaborators


  • Professor Ian Sutherland (BIB)
  • Professor Zahir Irani (BBS)
  • Dr George Ghinea (SISCM)
  • James Langridge – Library liaison for the School of Health Sciences and Social Care
  • Prof Ian Campbell (School of Sport and Education)
  • Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves (School of Engineering and Design)
  • Dr Amir Mohagheghi (School Sports Science and Education)

External - UK

  • Dr Andrew O Frank, Arthritis Research Centre, Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine and Rheumatology, Northwick Park Hospital and Institute of Medical Research, Harrow, Middlesex
  • Prof Martin Fergusson-Pell, Spinal Injuries Unit, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex
  • Dr Louise O'Hara, Nfer-Nelson Ltd, Slough, UK
  • Philip Swann, Contour 886, The Enterprise Centre, London E6
  • Christien Bird, White Hart Lane Therapy Centre, Barnes, London SW13
  • Justin Gore, R&D Office, NW London Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • Dr Clare Miles, Marie Curie Palliative Care R&D Unit, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London.
  • Professor Brian Andrews, Oxford Brookes University.

External - International

  • Dr Christa Einspieler, Department of Physiology, University of Graz, Austria
  • Dr Benedict Ward, School of Physiotherapy, University of Notre Dame, Australia
  • Dr James McAuley, School of Physiotherapy, University of Sydney, Australia

Honorary advisors

  • Prof Ann Ashburn, School of Health Professions and Rehabilitation, University of Southampton, UK
  • Prof Chris Main, Department of Behavioural Medicine, University Manchester, UK
  • The EPIOC Users' Group (for research involving users of Electric Powered Indoor-Outdoor Chairs)

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