Hand Therapy - Poster Presentation

Photographs of the Hand Therapy II (HH55016 module) students at the recent poster presentation. 

As part of the module assessment students present posters that critique a chosen treatment protocol and outcomes achieved based on a case study. This is presented in a conference style setting to further develop conference presentation skills with the aim to increase confidence to present at a national or international conference. This module was successfully delivered over a week in 2013 with students submitting work after that.


  HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-PP07   HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-PP09






 HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-PP08  HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-PP06





 MSc Hand Therapy-PP02.jpg                                         HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-pp04                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

MSc Hand Therapy-POSTER01.jpg   HSSC MSc Hand Therapy-PP05




HSSC Hand Therapy posters-14.jpgHSSC Hand Therapy posters-03.jpg                                                                                                                            


HSSC Hand Therapy posters-13.jpg

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