Wave propagation in heterogeneous Biot-type media in the context of homogenization

Friday 15 June 2012
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Event type Seminar
Location John Crank - Room 128
Speaker: E. Rohan, Univ. of West Bohemia in Pilsen


(joint work with Alexander Mielke)

We consider periodically heterogeneous fluid-saturated poroelastic media described by the Biot model with dynamic effects. The model is relevant to the mesoscopic scale where the structure is periodically heterogeneous. A three-field formulation is employed, involving displacement, seepage velocity and pressure fields.

Using the two-scale homogenization method we obtain the limit two-scale problem.

It is shown that the seepage velocity is eliminated from the macroscopic equations involving strain and pressure fields only. The plane harmonic wave propagation is studied using an example of layered medium. Illustrations show some influence of the orthotropy on the dispersion phenomena.

The talk will contain outlooks for further extensions of the model; for this some related issues of double porosity materials and hierarchical multi-level homogenization will be discussed.

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