Dr Pamela Abbot obtains research grant valuing €70,000

Published: Thursday 22 December 2011
Dr Pamela Abbott

Dr. Pamela Abbott has been successful in obtaining a research grant valued at €70,000 under the sponsorship of two French institutions: CIGREF Foundation and the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation.

The project is part of a portfolio of similar projects which aim to understand the dynamics of Information Systems use and their impact on society and business. This successful proposal was the result of a 3-year collaborative research effort between Dr. Abbott and two other researchers, Dr. Yingqin Zheng, of Royal Holloway, University of London, and Professor Rong Du of Xidian University, Xi’an, China.  The project is also supported by the following additional industry consortium partners: VanceInfo Technologies Inc., a Chinese-based IT consulting and solution provider; Emerging Markets Research Group Ltd (EMRG), a promotional research consultancy; and Gateway Asia, a business network that establishes trade links to India and China. 

The project will involve a case study of globally distributed collaborative work between a Chinese software and services outsourcing provider and its European clients, with the goal of establishing a framework of practices by which collaborative innovation emerges in such long-standing business arrangements. The benefits of the project will include consolidated best practices for establishing effective partnerships to pursue collaborative innovation and create new opportunities, thus enhancing performance and competitiveness of European business.

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