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Sport Sciences student profiles

Read our student profiles to find out what it’s really like to be a Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences student at Brunel.


Anish student profileAnish,  Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences BSc




I chose Brunel University London because it has a strong base for the sports science field. It also has a good network for graduate and placement jobs. The university is highly acknowledged and widely known throughout the UK. I like that whatever we learn in lectures can be applied during the lab experiments using various types of equipment which can explain certain physiological changes during exercise. I enjoy undertaking studies which help to prove or disprove research to back up or challenge current research.

My placement was at West Ham Academy FC. My daily activities included collecting morning measurements and post training RPE scores, providing feedback on GPS unit data to help inform coaches, players and sports scientist of the player’s performance. I particularly enjoyed working with highly motivating staff members and building a good rapport with the academy players. 

Throughout my placement I experienced working independently under pressure and learnt to manage my time efficiently. I'm now looking to develop myself further through reflection which will help me become better at learning from mistakes I encounter. I've improved how I critically evaluate journals and have collected data and performed studies which will help me with research in my final year.

Ewan_student profileEwan, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences BSc




In my second year at Brunel, I began the daunting yet exciting process of applying for various placement roles. I’m lucky enough to say that out of the three I applied to and had interviews for, I was offered a position for each – this was very encouraging, however it did make for a difficult period of deliberation about which to accept. After a lot of thought, I went onto to accept a one year position as a Sports Scientist with the newly formed Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS), a decision I haven’t doubted since starting.

My role at LRS is working as a part of the Applied Research & Claims team within the heart of the R&D department, and I specifically work alongside the senior Sports Scientist on matters usually to do with Lucozade Sport. I find my role to be very diverse and have been involved in many different projects ranging from new product development to internal education programmes. From day one I realised there would never be a dull day at LRS with their modern ways of thinking and their ‘Yatte Minahare’ (Go for it!) spirit. Working with LRS has taught me so much in such a short space of time, I can’t imagine the wealth of information I’ll have when I come to leave and head back to complete my final year.



Jelani_student profileJelani, Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc




I chose Brunel University London because of the amazing career opportunities that past graduates from my chosen programme of study have been privy to. These opportunities have not only demonstrated the high quality relationships between Brunel staff members and notable sporting organisations (e.g. The English FA, Sutton Tennis Academy), but also indicate the calibre of student that is produced by Brunel in this discipline. Additionally, the excellent sporting facilities at Brunel strongly appealed to me, as I am an avid athlete with an interest in many sports.

The things that I like most about studying at Brunel are the professional and supportive nature of members of staff, the wide range of academic support services offered to students, and its ideal location - right on the outskirts of the international hub that is London - a dream set-up for any international student!

The accommodation here at Brunel is first-rate. The rooms are sufficiently equipped for student life, outfitted with a study desk, bookshelves, your own private shower (for en-suite rooms) and even a poster board to fit important reminders or a timetable. The kitchen area is also well taken care of by the Residence staff on a daily basis.

I would advise any new student at Brunel to learn not only module content, but to learn from module leaders' experience as Brunel has lecturers that are world leaders in their respective fields. Additionally, I would encourage any new student to try something new, as there are various avenues through which students can, for example, try a new sport or exercise class without any hassle or commitment. At Brunel, I am a member of the on campus gym - More Energy Fitness. I am also a member of the Brunel Tennis Club.

I would like to pursue a career as a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist. My MSc degree represents stage one in the British Psychological Society's required training to attain my aforementioned career occupation, thus my degree here at Brunel will lay the foundation necessary for me to be a practitioner of the highest quality. 

Nicola, Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc

I chose Brunel University London because of the expertise of staff. The course has given me a brilliant grounding in Sport and Exercise Psychology and has opened my eyes to how I can integrate my own passions with academic research and future career options.

The sporting opportunities at Brunel were another reason I chose to study here. In order to understand the pressures that the athletes I will be working with face, and to challenge myself, I joined Brunel’s Olympic Weightlifting club. Thanks to amazing coaching and great training facilities, I have become English Champion.

For my research project I wanted to combine my new found love of sport with my job as a Yoga Teacher and my volunteer work in mental health, so I am researching the role of sport and exercise in post-traumatic growth and overcoming adversity. I hope to develop holistic mind-body healing programmes, incorporating psychology with sport and yoga.