Research Students in Education

Name and Title Email Office
Mr Abdallah Khalfan Hamood Al-Azri
PhD Education Student
Email Mr Abdallah Khalfan Hamood Al-Azri Halsbury Building
Ms Sarah Alix
EdD Researcher
Email Ms Sarah Alix Off Campus
Ms Georgia Allen
PhD Researcher (Academic Underachievement and Life Skills)
Email Ms Georgia Allen HW270, Heinz Wolff Building
Mr Jason Arday
EdD Researcher (Mentoring Pre-Service Teachers)
Email Mr Jason Arday Off Campus (School Based)
Ms Maggie Brady
EdD Researcher (Gifted and Talented Education)
Email Ms Maggie Brady Off Campus (School Based)
Ms Kate Byford
PhD Researcher (Participation in Higher Education)
Email Ms Kate Byford HW269, Heinz Wolff Building
Ms Evelina Dimopoulou
PhD Researcher (Teachers' Self Efficacy and Autism)
Email Ms Evelina Dimopoulou Off Campus (School Based)
Mrs Hilary Dodman
PhD Researcher (School Exclusion Strategies)
Email Mrs Hilary Dodman HB218, Halsbury Building
Mr Felix Donkor
EdD Researcher (Emotional Intelligence in Secondary Education)
Email Mr Felix Donkor Off Campus (Home Based)
Mr Tim Filtness
EdD Researcher (Self Efficacy and Stress in Children)
Email Mr Tim Filtness Off Campus (School Based)
Ms Janice Howkins
EdD Researcher (Leadership and School Improvement)
Email Ms Janice Howkins Off Campus (School Based)
Mr Rob Manderson
EdD Researcher (E-Learning in Education)
Email Mr Rob Manderson Off Campus (University of Roehampton)
Mrs Hajah Norbayah Haji Shahminan
PhD Researcher (Special Educational Needs)
Email Mrs Hajah Norbayah Haji Shahminan HW269, Heinz Wolff Building
Ms Elizabeth Pisani
EdD Researcher (Educational Reforms)
Email Ms Elizabeth Pisani Off Campus (School Based)
Mr Jeffery Quaye
PhD Student
Email Mr Jeffery Quaye Halsbury Building
Ms Madeline Row
EdD Researcher (Ability Setting)
Email Ms Madeline Row Off Campus (School Based)
Ms Fathimath Thaufeega
PhD Researcher (ICT in Education)
Email Ms Fathimath Thaufeega Off Campus (Home Based)
Mr Michael Whelan
PhD Researcher (Young People and Violence)
Email Mr Michael Whelan Rm 301, Mary Seacole Building

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