Brunel Centre for Sport, Health and Wellbeing


BCSHaW undertakes social science research into the role of sport, health and wellbeing in contemporary society. The Centre has a strong focus on research which is academically rigorous and ethically robust, and has relevance to policy and practice.

Our work is arranged under four research themes and spans a wide remit, from analysis of healthy lifestyles and recreational sport participation, to research into elite sport systems and performers.

Our focus topics show how we use our research to promote knowledge transfer to diverse audiences, through academic networks, expert forums, practice partnerships and the media.

We are internationally oriented, collaborating with academic colleagues in several other countries, and hosting a vibrant community of visiting scholars and resident postgraduate researchers from diverse regions of the globe. As part of our international partnerships we also host BIRNAW, the Brunel International Research Network for Athlete Welfare.

We welcome interest and enquiries – please use our Contact Details to get in touch. The Brunel University campus is only 20 minutes from London Heathrow airport so we are easy to visit!

Research Themes

Young people, sport and physical education

Our research into young people, sport and physical education acknowledges that sport can have negative as well as positive outcomes and focuses on ensuring that experiences of sport and physical education are safe and enjoyable and maximise psychological, social and physical benefits (Amanda Croston, Professor Capel, Dr. Misia Gervis, Dr. Daniel Rhind and Professor Ian Rivers). Our well-known work on promoting the welfare and wellbeing of elite child athletes is one of the Centre’s focus topics and includes Dr. Rhind’s leadership of the Brunel International Research Network for Athlete Welfare (BIRNAW).

Health, wellbeing and performance

This theme involves multidisciplinary research across the spectrum from general population health to elite sport. It addresses three main foci: the promotion of physical activity; the development of wellbeing in and through sport and PE; and psychological issues relating to elite-level performance in the realm of sport (Dr. Gervis). We are internationally recognised for our work on two focus topics - homophobic bullying in physical education (Professor Rivers), and the relationship between music and physical activity (Dr. Costas Karageorghis).

Sports development, management and policy

This research investigates sport and the development of individuals, communities and organisations from local to international level. This is important because in societies marked with stark inequalities it is critical to know what is being done in the name of sports development, by whom and to what effect. Our substantial focus topics in this area include sport management (Dr. Vassil Girginov); the Olympics (Dr. Gary Armstrong and Dr. Girginov); community sport development (Dr. Hills), sport policy/socio-legal issues in sport (Dr. Alberto Testa) and sport in international development (Professor Kay).

Socio-cultural studies of sport

Our socio-cultural research focuses on understanding the relationship between sport, health and wellbeing in individual and social life. Our academic and policy-related research informs strategies for diverse populations to have access and opportunity to experience sport and physical activity. Key research themes within the socio-cultural research group include sport and gender (Dr. Hills, Amanda Croston, Dr. Gervis and Prof. Kay); sport, social welfare and inclusion (Dr. Testa, Dr. Hills and Professor Kay); cross-cultural analysis of sport (Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Testa); and media and representation (Dr. Hills).


Name and Title Phone Email Office
Mr Fawaz Al-Hakami
PhD Researcher (Sport Development)
+44(0)1895 266499 Email Mr Fawaz Al-Hakami HW269, Heinz Wolff Building
Dr Pam Alldred
Senior Lecturer in Education & Youth Work Studies
+44 (0)1895 267270 Email Dr Pam Alldred 301, Mary Seacole Building
Dr Gary Armstrong
Reader (Sociology of Sport)
+44 (0)1895 266463 Email Dr Gary Armstrong Heinz Wolff Building HW206
Ms Anita Asante
PhD Researcher (Sport Development)
Email Ms Anita Asante Off Campus (Home Based)
Ms Razan Baker
PhD Researcher (Sport Development)
+44(0)1895 266499 Email Ms Razan Baker HW269, Heinz Wolff Building
Mr Harry Ban Teck Lim
PhD Researcher (Sport Psychology)
Email Mr Harry Ban Teck Lim Off Campus (Home Based)
Mr Jonathan Bird
PhD Researcher (Sport and Exercise Psychology)
+44 (0)1895 269769 Email Mr Jonathan Bird Off Campus (Home Based)
Dr Richard Blair
Lecturer (Physical Education and Coaching)
+44 (0)1895 266484 Email Dr Richard Blair Halsbury Building HB221
Professor Celia Brackenridge, OBE
Research Fellow; Professor (Youth Sport)
+44 (0)1895 267160 Email Professor Celia Brackenridge, OBE Heinz Wolff Building HW271
Professor Susan Capel
Professor (Physical Education)
+44 (0)1895 266461 Email Professor Susan Capel Halsbury Building HB122
Mr Paul Carney
PhD Researcher (Physical Education)
Email Mr Paul Carney Off Campus (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Ms Amanda Croston
Lecturer (Coaching and Performance); Director of Undergraduate Studies (Sport Science)
+44 (0)1895 266467 Email Ms Amanda Croston Heinz Wolff Building HW209
Ms Celena Dell
PhD Researcher (Sociology of Sport)
Email Ms Celena Dell Off Campus (Home Based)
Dr Misia Gervis
Programme Development Coordinator; Senior Lecturer (Coaching & Performance/Sport Psychology)
+44 (0)1895 266472 Email Dr Misia Gervis Heinz Wolff Building HW214
Dr Vassil Girginov
Reader (Sports Management and Development)
+44 (0)1895 266811 Email Dr Vassil Girginov Heinz Wolff Building HW213
Ms Laura Green
PhD Researcher (Sociology of Sport)
Email Ms Laura Green Off Campus (Bath Spa University)
Ms Jennifer Hall
PhD Researcher
+44 (0)1895 266499 Email Ms Jennifer Hall HW269, Heinz Wolff
Mr Dawood Hashem
PhD Researcher (Sport Development)
Email Mr Dawood Hashem Off Campus (Home Based)
Dr Laura Hills
Senior Lecturer (Youth Sport)
+44 (0)1895 267369 Email Dr Laura Hills Heinz Wolff Building HW219
Mr Leighton Jones
PhD Researcher (Sport Psychology)
+44(0) 1895 266500 Email Mr Leighton Jones HW270, Heinz Wolff Building
Dr Costas Karageorghis
Reader (Sport Psychology), Deputy Head (Research)
+44 (0)1895 266476 Email Dr Costas Karageorghis Heinz Wolff Building HW222
Professor Tess Kay
Professor in Sport and Social Sciences; Director of BC-SHaW
Partially deaf - email communication preferred. Email Professor Tess Kay Heinz Wolff Building HW220
Dr Eileen Kennedy
Associate Researcher
+44 (0)1895 266494 Email Dr Eileen Kennedy
Ms Katie Maddocks
PhD Researcher (Sociology of Sport)
Email Ms Katie Maddocks HW269, Heinz Wolff Building
Dr Louise Mansfield
Lecturer & Deputy Director of BC-SHaW
+44 (0)1895 267561 Email Dr Louise Mansfield Heinz Wolff Building HW210
Mr Jamie McDermott
PhD Researcher
+44 (0)1895 266499 Email Mr Jamie McDermott HW269 Heinz Wolff Building
Ms Evdokia Pappa
PhD Researcher (Sociology of Sport)
Email Ms Evdokia Pappa Off Campus (Home Based)
Dr Daniel Rhind
Lecturer (Youth Sport); Senior Tutor for Sport Sciences
+44 (0)1895 266860 Email Dr Daniel Rhind Heinz Wolff Building HW271
Dr Alberto Testa
Lecturer (Social Sciences of Sport); Director of Placements; Anti Harassment & Bullying Advisor
+44 (0)1895 267382 Email Dr Alberto Testa Heinz Wolff Building HW207


Email address:

Brunel University is located in west London and easily accessible by public transport. It is also located close to Heathrow Airport, making it ideally situated for international visitors.

Directions to the campus

Researcher offices and the BC•SHaW base (room HW273) are located in:

Heinz Wolff Building
Brunel University
Kingston Lane

Staff may be contacted individually via their details on the Researchers tab of this page.

We welcome enquiries from prospective research students, and from organizations that may wish to commission research or make use of our previous work. The Director of the Centre, Professor Tess Kay, is happy to respond to initial email enquiries:

You may also contact us via the School of Sport and Education’s Research and Finance Office:

Telephone +44 (0)1895 266494
Fax +44 (0)1895 269769

Postgraduate Research

2013-14: Awards and Current Researchers

Fawaz Al-Hakami

Dr. Vassil Girginov

Dr. Laura Hills 

An examination of sport clubs' privatization policy in Saudi Arabia
Razan Baker

Dr. Vassil Girginov

Dr. Laura Hills 

The role of internet assisted communication tools in promoting participation in physical activity among youths in Saudi Arabia
Jonathan Bird

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Dr. Lee Romer

Ergogenic, Psychologial, Psychophysical and Psychophysiological effects of Music and Video during Exercise
Amanda Croston

Prof. Tess Kay

Dr. Laura Hills

The Construction and Experience of Ability in PE
Celena Dell

Prof. Celia Brackenridge

Dr. Daniel Rhind

Investigating the Experiences of Football Referees
Cathy Gower

Prof. Celia Brackenridge

Prof. Valsa Kolshy
An exploration of pedagogical approaches to develop critical consciousness within a Physical Education initial teacher education community of practice
Jennifer Hall

Dr. Louise Mansfield

Prof. Tess Kay

Prof. Alison McConnell
Take a Stand for Workplace Health
Dawood Hashem Dr. Vassil Girginov Strategy for the Development of Disabled Sports in UAE
Lindsey Horsfield

Dr. Gary Armstrong

Dr. Laura Hills
The Homeless World Cup
Jamie McDermott

Dr. Daniel Rhind

Dr. Laura Hills
Blowing the whistle on abuse: developing safer organisational cultures
Frank Owusu-Sekyere

Dr. Daniel Rhind

Dr. Laura Hills
Safeguarding Children in Sport and Sport Development

Awards in 2013-14

Georgia Allen Doctor of Philosophy Prof Valsa Koshy Dr. Daniel Rhind From the Sports Hall to the Classroom: Learning Life Skills Through Sport
Leighton Jones Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Dr. Dan Bishop
Psychological and Psychophysiological Effects of Auditory and Visual Stimuli during Various Modes of Exercise

Awards in 2012-13

Harry Ban Teck Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Dr. Dan Bishop
Effects of Varied Music Applications in Cycle Ergometry
Richard Blair Doctor of Philosophy

Prof. Susan Capel

Prof. Tess Kay
An Evaluation of a Continuing Professional Development Programme for Community Football Coaches Delivering Physical Education Lessons in Primary Schools
Laura Green Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Laura Hills

Dr. Simon Bradford
''Non Sporty'' Girls Take the Lead: A Feminist, Participatory Approach to Physical Activity
Iain Lindsay Doctor of Philosophy Dr. Gary Armstrong MD

Life in the Shadow of the 2012 Olympics: An Ethnography of the Host Borough of the London Games

Isambard Scholarship  and VC Prize for Doctoral Research
Katherine Maddocks Doctor of Philosophy

Prof. Celia Brackenridge

Dr. Pam Alldred
Biphobia in Sport - Sexual Identity and Exclusionary Practices
Alison Maitland Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Laura Hills

Dr. Daniel Rhind
Organisational Culture and Coach-Athlete Relationships: An Ethnographic Study of an Elite Rowing Club Isambard Scholarship
Evdokia Pappa Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Laura Hills

Dr. Eileen Kennedy
Sports Spectacle, Media and Doping: The Representations of Olympic Drug Cases in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008

Awards 2011-12

Christina Gipson

Doctor of Philosophy

Prof. Tess Kay

Dr. Laura Hills
Extreme Volunteering: A Holistic Perspective of Leadership of Women's International Sport Organisations
Glenn Wintrup Doctor of Philosophy

Prof. Celia Brackenridge

Dr. Vassil Girginov
Researching British University Sport Initiations
Lacey Wismer Doctor of Philosophy British American Football: National Identity, Cultural Specificity and Globalization

Awards in 2010-11

Joanna Brown Doctor of Philosophy Prof. Ian Rivers An Investigation into the Impact of a Sport Intervention in Three London Secondary Schools

Awards 2009-10

Misia Gervis Doctor of Philosophy Dr. Peter Radford Prof. Sue Capel An Investigation into the Emotional Responses of Child Athletes to Their Coach’s Behaviour from a Child Maltreatment Perspective
Michael Kouzaris Master of Philosophy

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Psychophysical and Ergogenic Effects of Music in Sport and Exercise: a Meta-Analysis
Alberto Testa Doctor of Philosophy Dr. Gary Armstrong and SB Opposing the "System”: Ideology and Action in the Italian Football Terraces
Massimo Vencato Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Measuring the Planned and Unplanned Dimensions of Lifestyle Physical Activity: A Test of the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Awards 2008-09

Robert Lake                Doctor of Philosophy             Social Exclusion in British Tennis: A History of Privilege and Prejudice

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