Centre for International Medical Anthropology (CRIMA) 2012 Workshop

Starts: Tuesday 29 May 2012 9:00 am
Ends: Wednesday 30 May 2012 6:00 pm
Event type General Event
Location Royal Anthropological Institute (29 May) and Brunel University (30 May)
The Centre for Research in International Medical Anthropology, together with the Royal Anthropological Institute, will be holding a workshop entitled ‘The rise of child science and psy-expertise' on May 29 and 30.

Keynote speakers include Professors Allan Young from McGill University, Rayna Rapp from New York University, and Richard Rechtman of the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales). The workshop will feature presentations from a interdisciplinary group of 14 scholars from around the world.

For more details see the workshop agenda.

The call for papers is now closed.

Registration is free, but places are limited. Book your place now.

For additional queries, contact: Dominique.Behague@brunel.ac.uk

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