Experts speak at child science and psy-expertise CRIMA workshop

Published: Tuesday 12 June 2012
CRIMA Workshop
CRIMA Workshop

Brunel University was host to interdisciplinary experts from around the world for the Centre for Research in International Medical Anthropology’s workshop on May 30th.

The rise of child science and psy-expertise brought together anthropologists, sociologists, and historians of child and adolescent psy-expertise to explore the ways in which child science has evolved in diverse socio-cultural contexts in the 20th and early 21st Centuries.

Keynote speakers at the event included Professor Allan Young from McGill University, Professor Rayna Rapp from New York University, and Professor Richard Rechtman from EHESS.

Brunel’s Dominique Behague said: “It was fantastic. We brought together people from different disciplines who look at the question of childhood and the emergence of expertise about the child from very different perspectives.”

McGill University’s Allan Young spoke about feral children, autism, and human nature at the event, and said that overall the workshop was ‘great’ and ‘stimulating’.

He said: “It has been terrific and marvellous. Some debates even changed my thinking about fundamental issues. It has been altogether great. The other keynote speakers have really been super stimulating.”

Organised in conjunction with the Royal Anthropological Institute, the workshop also featured presentations from an interdisciplinary group of fourteen scholars from around the world.

The first day of the event on May 29th took place at the Royal Anthropological Institute in Central London, while the second was hosted at Brunel University’s Gaskell Building.

Professor Rayna Rapp of NYU said: “It has been so innovative to have an inter-disciplinary set of researchers together to speak about the psychology and related sciences of what it means to be a child or an adolescent.”

For more information about the workshop The rise of child science and psy-expertise, which was organised by CRIMA and the RAI, visit our events section.

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