Research and Impact

A group of women in India chant and pray to the sun god in hopes of healing their problems. Credit: � 2007 Pranab Chandra, Courtesy of Photoshare Brunel has, for over 25 years, maintained a distinctive profile in British anthropology, pioneering research fields that were new in Europe as well as making significant contributions to mainstream theory. With expertise covering south Asia, Melanesia, south-east Asia, central and South America, and southern Africa, Brunel anthropologists have also carried out influential ethnographic research in Britain and Europe. Groundbreaking research agendas in medical anthropology and the anthropology of childhood have been spearheaded by two research centres, CRIMA and CARCYE.

Our wide-ranging research has underpinned innovation in postgraduate training, with thriving MSc programmes in Medical Anthropology, the Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education, Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology, the MRes is Social Anthropology and a recently launched MSc in Anthropology of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. Many of our Masters students conduct ethnographic research that is closely aligned to staff members’ interests and on-going projects, and several go on to do PhD research. Whether in the classroom or in the field, we are committed to engaging with the broader discipline and to making anthropology count beyond the academy, in professional contexts and public debates.

Current Research Projects

Fishermen in Mandalay Upain Inn, Myanmar. Credit: � 2009 Aung Kyaw Tun, Courtesy of Photoshare 

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