Bloomberg Presentation 2

Starts: Thursday 8 March 2012 10:00 am
Ends: Thursday 8 March 2012 12:00 pm
Event type Presentation
Location Library Seminar Room
Presentation of the Bloomberg economic, business and finance data platform by Richard Hong (Bloomberg)


Bloomberg Presentation

In February 2012 Brunel University, through the initiative of Economics and Finance, gained access to the data provided by the Bloomberg financial services company. Besides offering financial data which include company and market information, Bloomberg is one of the major providers of economic, politics and business news and has its own TV and radio channel. It also is a source of various information on countries, international organisations and prominent individuals. It features a convenient interface and a unique interactive help chat window.

Among the data provided by Bloomberg are income statements, balance sheets, financial flow statements for  companies around the globe, options, CDS, implied volatilities, M&As, corporate actions, board meetings, announcements, analyst forecasts, macroeconomic indicators, etc.

Bloomberg is a fantastic source of economic, finance, accounting and business data which can be used for  most E&F dissertations.

Richard Hong will demonstrate the possibilities and features of the data platform. You can also ask him  questions about how Bloomberg can be used in your studies and research and about the Bloomberg training.

The presentation will consist of two sessions at 10-11am and 11am-12pm.

Presentation organiser: Dr Russ Moro (


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