International Exchanges

We are delighted to offer a range of opportunities for our students to undertake part of their study overseas and welcome students from our 13 partner institutions worldwide.

This information is designed for students: 

  • in the department of Politics and History considering studying abroad as part of their course
  • at our partner universities in other countries seeking more information about studying with us
  • from non-partner universities who are thinking of a studying abroad in the UK, with Brunel University as a potential destination.

For outgoing students

The department of Politics and History is involved in a number of international exchanges which provide Brunel students both with the chance to study abroad, and the experience of studying alongside visiting students from other countries when they are in London.

Further information for prospective outgoing students: Erasmus and non-Erasmus programmes

For incoming students

If you are currently at a university in another country and would like to spend some time studying Politics and History in London, you may be able to come either under the department of Politics and History non-Erasmus Programmes (for non-EU students), or as part of the department's Erasmus Programmes (for EU students).

For further information for prospective incoming students visit the Brunel International website and our Undergraduate Study section.

Advantages of studying abroad

Study abroad offers skills that are relevant not just to one semester, but to your entire life. In today’s increasingly globalised world, whatever work you go on to do, you’ll likely find yourself traveling, whether for business, further study, or simply to experience other cultures. If you’ve studied abroad you’ve gained aptitudes that are transferrable to virtually any place or situation: you’re sensitive to cultural differences and better able to adapt as necessary.  Study abroad has likely improved your ability to speak another language and to learn new ones as needed; it’s also given you the experience of working with non-native English speakers. Even if you never travel abroad again, you’ll find yourself drawing on these skills, and, more generally, on the adaptability and flexibility that living abroad teaches.

Current Erasmus and non-Erasmus exchange programmes in Politics and History

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Page last updated: Wednesday 25 September 2013