Postgraduate Programmes and Research Degrees

The Department of Politics and History offers both taught and research modes of postgraduate study.

Taught postgraduate courses

    Globalisation and Governance MA

    Academic staff are involved in international-standard research, which is reflected by a rating of 4a in the last RAE. The term ‘Globalisation’ embraces a range of deeply transformative political, economic and social processes. Understanding these - or the meaning, significance and implications of globalisation - presents major theoretical and practical challenges for those working or intending to work in the realms of government, business, civil society or academia. The Brunel MA not only equips...
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    Intelligence and Security Studies MA

    The Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies is Britain's first academic centre dedicated to intelligence scholarship and policy-analysis and is led by one of the founding figures of intelligence studies in Britain. Intelligence and security policy issues are now one of the fastest growing areas of academic and public concern, especially since '9/11' and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today more than ever before national governments, international agencies and most major international corporations have an identified need for staff with a strong grasp of intelligence and...
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    International Relations MA

    Academic staff are involved in international-standard research, which is reflected by a rating of 4a in the last RAE. Research-led teaching: courses on the International Relations MA are designed and taught by international renowned researchers in International Relations, Contemporary History, and Law. The department hosts an active guest lecture series featuring leading scholars and thinkers in the area of International Relations, Politics, and History. Students takings the Brunel MA in International Relations will have...
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    Modern World History MA

    Among the historians at Brunel University are experts on the history of the United States, the Caribbean, Australia, China, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The MA in Modern World History is the only one of its kind in the UK to be endorsed and promoted by the internationally recognised World History Association. It examines the transnational influences, connections and conflicts that intersect in world history and seeks to foster a holistic approach to historical problems that have had cross-cultural...
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    Public Affairs and Lobbying MSc

    Academic staff are involved in international-standard research, which is reflected by a rating of 4a in the last RAE. Public affairs, lobbying and political consultancy are attractive areas for many graduates. Careers in this field are either in dedicated departments within large companies or, more commonly, within specialist consultancy firms. This programme will provide both academic and practical training to assist you in pursuing a career in these exciting professions....
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    War and Conflict in the Modern World MA

    The programme also draws upon Brunel's expertise in intelligence studies, offering students the chance to take optional modules in this area from the University's Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies. The MA in War and Conflict in the Modern World combines the disciplines of History and International Relations to provide students with multi-disciplinary, advanced study from both humanities and social science perspectives. The course covers the period from the French Revolution to the present. It examines the impact of the French and Industrial Revolutions on...
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PhD Degrees by Research

The Department of Politics and History supervises graduate research degrees (PhD's and MPhils) for students from around the world, and from all walks of life and careers. We work on a process of twinned supervision, where each graduate student has two supervisors from the faculty to ensure that they progress successfully. In post-graduate or higher research degrees, one's supervisors are the most important characters other than yourself when it comes to success – this is someone you will have to work with intimately over at least three years, so it makes sense that you'll need to have a good working relationship. So, if you wish to come to Brunel to undertake a PhD, try to get in touch with the member of staff that seems most aligned with your intended field of study. From there, and with their help, you can develop an appropriate research proposal to submit for consideration.

The first year of study for full-time research students on our PhD Programmes is a research training year, in which the development of the thesis is combined with undertaking and completing a range of research relevant modules. The entire research study programme requires a minimum of three years full-time study or longer (4-8 years) for part-time study.

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