Research and Impact

The Department of Politics and History is a thriving, interdisciplinary Department in the School of Social Sciences, with 25 academic staff, 27 postgraduate research students and a number of associated staff, including Honorary Fellows.

In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), 75% of our research was judged to be of international standard. The Department of Politics and History employs world-leaders in the fields of Modern and Contemporary History, British and American Politics, Asia, the European Union, International Relations, Intelligence Studies, War and Conflict and more.

The Department prides itself on the quality and the relevance of its academic work. It places great value on investigative and theoretical projects but also stresses the usefulness of its research to the community at large. Our academics achieve impact by networking extensively with other scientists, policy makers and civil society, acting as researchers, educators, and advisors to the government and community.

The Department of Politics and History’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are closely aligned with staff members’ research expertise. It offers an inclusive research culture that involves academic staff, postgraduate research students and taught students in lecture series, workshops and international conferences.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

As a joint Department of Politics and History interdisciplinarity is a central part of our research strategy and helps us to produce innovative and outstanding research. We promote opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration within the Department, Brunel University, and other universities and institutes in the UK and abroad. Interdisciplinary research groups and research centres linked to our Department play a major role as contact points for international collaborative research and in facilitating an exchange of ideas and concepts.

Research Centres and Groups

The Department of Politics and History is linked with three research centres, two research groups and one inter-departmental research network:

These centres, groups and networks promote international, interdisciplinary and high impact research by acting as key points of contact between academics, practitioners and the wider community, organizing major events, and hosting associated researchers.

Postgraduate Research

Our PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are closely integrated into the Department, its research activities and projects. They benefit from working and researching alongside internationally leading scholars across a diverse range of topics and take an active role in the organization of local, national and international events and workshops.

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