Histories of Power and Empire

Histories of Power and Empire

Wednesday Seminar Series 2012-13

Gaskell Building Rm 239


17 Oct. 5pm: Prof. Sir Richard J. Evans FBA, University of Cambridge

‘The American empire and the refashioning of German culture, 1945-55’

7 Nov. 4pm: Prof. Simon Gunn, University of Leicester

'The People and the Car: Automobility and the Transformation of Everyday Life in 1960s Britain'

5 Dec. 4pm: Prof. Peter Mandler, University of Cambridge

'The Sociological Imagination in Mid-Twentieth Century America and Britain’

16 Jan. 4pm: Dr. Jim Bjork, King’s College London

'Masquerade: Serial Nationalization between Agency and Indifference’

23 Jan. 4pm: Prof. Martin Thomas, University of Exeter

'Integrating and Disintegrating Empire and Republic in Postwar France’

13 Feb. 5pm: Prof. James Belich ONZM, University of Oxford

'The Black Death and the Spread of Europe’

6 Mar. 4pm: Dr. Sarah Stockwell, King’s College London

‘Loitering in the corridors of power: the British pursuit of an imperial role at the end of empire’

17 May. Afternoon: Symposium

‘Heritage, diversity and the legacies of empire’


A limited number of travel bursaries are available for non-Brunel students from across London.

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