Gareth Dale

Senior Lecturer
Politics and History

Room: Marie Jahoda Room 214
Brunel University
Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267298



  • BA (Combined Studies) University of Manchester
  • PhD (Government) University of Manchester

Personal Biography

Gareth Dale worked at Birkbeck College, the London School of Economics and Swansea University before joining Brunel in 2005. He is currently completing an intellectual biography of Karl Polanyi, for The University of Michigan Press, and an edited collection of Polanyi’s Hungarian writings, for Continuum. His previous books include 'First the Transition, Then the Crash: Eastern Europe in the 2000s' (2011), 'Karl Polanyi: The Limits of the Market' (2010), a trilogy on East German political and economic history (2004-2007), and 'The European Union and Migrant Labour' (1999). His work has appeared in Chinese, Portuguese and German.

Gareth supervises PhDs in a range of fields. His current doctoral students are working on environmental political theory, the geopolitics of the Arctic, Hungarian political economy, the New Institutional Economic History, and the EU's management of the Greek crisis.


Research Overview

Gareth’s current research focuses upon the life and work of Karl Polanyi, the ideology of economic growth, and the political economy of the environment, particularly climate change. His previous interests include the history of East Germany, the political economy of Eastern Europe, social movement theory, and international migration.

Current Projects

In 2014, Gareth is a British Academy Fellow. His project title is "Economic growth as ideology: The origins, evolution and current travails of the ‘growth paradigm'". He is organising a symposium on 'Green Growth,' to be held in Tokyo in July 2014.

PhD Supervision

Adam Fabry, ‘The Political Economy of Neoliberal Transformation in Hungary: From the ‘Transition’ of the 1980s to the Current Crisis.’ Passed: May 2014.

Matthijs Krul, ‘The Art of Predicting the Past: Theory and Model in the New Institutionalist Economic History.’ Submission expected: August 2014.

Corine Wood-Donnelly, ‘Constructing Arctic sovereignty: Rules, policy and governance from 1494 to 2013,’ Submitted: March 2014. Examination: June 2014.


Undergraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • Democracy and Democratisation
  • Empire, Imperialism, Hegemony

Postgraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • Globalisation


Departmental Seminar Series Convenor

External Activity

  • Current Journal editorships: Reviews Editor and editorial board member, Debatte. Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe. Editorial board member, Marxist Interventions
  • Past Journal editorships: Editorial board member, Journal of Sustainable Development. Advisory editor, Oxford University Press Online Bibliography
  • Co–founder and editor, Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory
  • PhDs examined: Samuel Pietsch, “The deputy-sheriff earns his spurs: Australia’s military intervention in East Timor, 1999”, The Australian National University. August 2009. Alan Sandry, “Elucidating an Ideology: An Evaluation of Plaid Cymru’s ‘Thought-Practices’.” Swansea University. June 2005
  • External examiner: Political Geography and Development Studies, University of Westminster
  • Peer review of book manuscripts: Yale University Press, Oxford University Press, Polity Press, Edinburgh University Press, Macmillan, Penguin Books, Verso Books,  Pluto Press, Brill
  • Peer review of journal articles: Review of International Studies, Comparative Political Studies, Cambridge Journal of Economics, The Sociological Quarterly, New Political Economy,  Environment and Planning A, Oxford University Press Online Bibliography, The International History Review, Sociology Compass, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, European Societies, Journal of Economic Methodology, Journal of Critical Realism, Contemporary European Studies, Journal of Australian Political Economy, Journal of Sustainable Development, Contemporary Politics, Institute of Economic Studies Working Papers, Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, Historical Materialism, Global Journal of Political Science and International Relations.Peer review of research funding applications for: Qatar National Research Fund
  • Peer review of postdoctoral research proposals for: The Estonian Research Council



Journal Papers

(2014) Dale, G., Karl Polanyi as a Rousseauian radical: Guild socialism, Austro-Marxism, and Duczynska’s alternative, Historical Materialism: research in critical Marxist theory forthcoming

(2014) Dale, G., The iron law of democratic socialism: British and Austrian influences on the young Karl Polanyi, Economy and Society (forthcoming) 43

(2013) Dale, G., Duplos movimentos e forças pendulares: Perspectivas polanyianas sobre a era neoliberal [Double movements and pendular forces: Polanyian perspectives on the neoliberal age], Otra Economía 7 (12) : 26- 44

(2013) Dale, G., The boundaries of cosmopolitanism: Karl Polanyi and the 'Magyar-Jewish mongrel', Environment and Planning A 45 (7) : 1643- 1649

(2013) Dale, G. and El-Enany, N., The limits of social Europe: EU law and the ordoliberal agenda, German Law Journal 14 (5) : 613- 649

(2013) Dale, G., Marketless trading in Hammurabi’s time: A reappraisal, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 56 (2) : 159- 188

(2012) Dale, G., The growth paradigm: A critique, International Socialism Journal (134) : 55- 88

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(2010) Dale, G. and Whittaker, X., A response to the sex work debate, International Socialism 127 183- 198

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(2009) Dale, G., Karl Polanyi in Budapest: On his political and intellectual formation, European Journal of Sociology 50 (1) : 97- 130 Download publication

(2009) Dale, G., Of “raisins” and “yeast”: mobilisation and framing in the East German revolution of 1989, Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 17 (3) : 271- 283

(2008) Dale, G., ‘Green Shift’: an analysis of corporate responses to climate change, International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 3 (2) : 134- 155 Download publication

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(2007) Dale, G., “On the menu or at the table”: Corporations and climate change, International Socialism 116 117- 139

(2007) Dale, G., Heimat, “Ostalgie” and the Stasi: The GDR in German cinema, 1999-2006, Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 15 (2) : 155- 175 Download publication

(2007) Dale, G., Moments of German-German economic- and social history 1945-1990: An analysis at equal eye levels., ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW 60 (1) : 222- 224

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(2001) Dale, G., 'Merging rivulets of opposition': Perspectives of the anti-Capitalist movement, Millennium: Journal of International Studies 30 (2) : 365- 379 Download publication

Conference Papers

(2007) Dale, G., The politics of global warming: Tipping points, sustainable capitalism, and an anonymous death in China, Alternative Futures and Popular Protest Download publication

(2006) Dale, G., Karl Polanyi's 'double movement' revisited, Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Conference volume

(2005) Dale, G., On mobilisation and framing: A dialogical study of East German social movements in 1989, Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Conference volume

(1996) Dale, G., Subjective determinants of collective action: The East German uprising of 1953, Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Conference volume

(1995) Dale, G., Class and conflict in a social movement: East Germany in 1989, Alternative Futures and Popular Protest

Book Chapters

(Forthcoming) Dale, G., Dislocation and exile in the life of the young Karl Polanyi. In: Brandt, J. and Szalai, Z. eds. Exil und Arbeit in Deutschland: Ungarische Intellektuelle im Deutschland der Zwischenkriegszeit. München : IKGS (In Press)

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(2010) Dale, G., Consumer behavior. In: SAGE Green Series Encylopedia. SAGE

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(2007) Dale, G., Modelling democratic transition in southern and central Europe: Did East Germany experience ‘transición’ or ‘ruptura’?. In: Stivachtis, YA. ed. The state of European integration. Ashgate Pub Co - Download publication

(1999) Dale, G., Capitalism and migrant labour. In: Dale, G. and Cole, M. eds. The European Union and migrant labour. Oxford : Berg Publishers 281- 315


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