What Our Students Say


The Department of Politics and History is a dynamic community involving, academics, administrators and of course students. As a department we make a strong effort to give our students a voice and a platform, so they can explore themselves the ideas the academics teach in the classroom. We learn by doing. One way the students seek to cut their own path is with student societies. Politics and History each have their own, the Brunel University Politics Society and the Brunel University History Society. Go to their pages to see what they do, and to find the links to their open facebook pages. This is a really good place for prospective students to see what student life is like here in our department.

As well, our students have also started a blog, the Vanguard, which deals with matters of interest to the students in the realms of politics and popular discourse. If you want to see what our students think, check it out.

Student Survey

One of the main ways that our University and our department is ranked in UK University league tables is through the National Student Survey, run by the reputable statistics and survey organisation Ipsos-Mori, on behalf of HEFCE, the body that provides our funding, and the National Union of Students. Our department takes this survey very seriously as it provides us a clear and unbiased view of what our students think of us, allowing us to continual improve what we do.

The Department of Politics and History has consistently come out as the top department in the University, and our mean scores compare very well indeed with Russell Group universities across Britain. Here is a selection of the comments made by our third year students in the NSS last year. At the bottom of the page is the complete document, where you can see some of the negative comments as well. We do this because we are very confident that the positive comments are good reflections on us as a department, and that they outweigh the few critical points.

What the students said about us in the 2010 National Student Survey

  • “A very vibrant and conducive environment to study with committed specialists in lecturing the students.”
  • “The lecturers are very approachable and the quality of the teaching is excellent. Lectures are interactive and thought provoking. The library is extremely well resourced and with its recently improved opening hours, caters very well to students. The use of Student Liaison Officers ensures that the department as a whole is receptive to our concerns.”
  • “Interesting and stimulating debates in seminars and workshops. The lectures are outlined and elaborated upon accordingly, so that prior to entering any lecture I am fully aware of what issues will be addressed.”
  • “So far my experiences at Brunel have been nothing but positive.”
  • “The course was very interesting and everyone was given a chance to choose from a wide range of optional modules. Staff are very friendly and they can’t do enough for you, even when you want to meet them outside their office hours.”
  • “It’s a very interesting and challenging course. It gives you a clear historical background and contemporary view of politics.

Read the full document (pdf)

Page last updated: Wednesday 08 February 2012