Research and Impact in Social Sciences

Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary and research-intensive School. The disciplines within the School have been established since the early 1970s and cover an impressive breadth, including research in political science, political theory, international relations, history, economics, finance, sociology, media and communications, anthropology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology and social psychology.

All areas feature world class and internationally recognised researchers and research. Each of our disciplines regularly scores well in research assessment exercises and all provide excellent examples of social and economic impact – producing research that not only advances scholarly endeavour, but also produces clear and tangible benefits for wider society.

Not only do we engage in excellent research with individual disciplines, we also conduct path-breaking multi-disciplinary research across the disciplines in the School and beyond, including areas as diverse as medicine, philosophy and law. Find out more about our research in our five Departments:

Page last updated: Thursday 04 July 2013