Dutch science and technology link for Brunel Sociology

Published: Wednesday 14 March 2012

Brunel University will be working with the Rathenau Institute, which specialises in the political debates surrounding science and technology.  The two institutions will be collaborating on the Science and Policy Engagement master's degree module, which will be taught in the School of Social Sciences at Brunel.

Dr. Ingrid Geesink, Senior Researcher at the Rathenau Institute, said: “I hope that this is the start of a longer-term engagement to work together in future.”

She said that she believes that the link between the two institutions can help both to achieve more in the long term through discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Academics from the Rathenau Institute will be travelling over from the Netherlands to work with Brunel University students and staff on the module.

“For Brunel, we are at the forefront of engagement. The module has a good combination of academic debate and discussion with a practical angle. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Dr. Geesink also hopes that this collaboration could be the start of a long working relationship between the London university and the Dutch institute. “It is an honour to work with Brunel and we are really looking forward to it.”

Page last updated: Friday 16 March 2012