Research and Impact

Research Culture

The Sociology and Communications group is a dynamic and internationally respected community of researchers. Members of our two research centres are at the forefront of study into subjects as diverse as: globalisation, health, multiculturalism, new media, popular culture, and science and technology.

Our research tackles core theoretical questions and engages with both the international research community and relevant groups across industry, government and the public. In Sociology and Communications we bring together theoretical and practical concerns, and develop fresh approaches to new and classic interdisciplinary themes and problems.

Sociology and Communications is organised into three major research centres that examine the ‘cultural sociology’ of media and communication; health, science and technology; and socio-political impacts of comedy:

Research centre membership is non-exclusive and overlapping, with many staff and PhD students actively participating in both groups. Students joining us are welcomed into a thriving research culture that debates and makes real contributions to key issues confronting people in modern societies. 

The Moral Panic Research Network is an international network of scholars from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in moral panics. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the area including media practitioners, journalists and students:

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