Abdulla Alsayegh

In 2007 I completed an LLM course in Commercial Law. In 2008 I decided to do my PhD at Brunel University because of its good reputation. My PhD research is about Consumer Protection that is part of commercial law, and my topic is “Is there adequate protection for the consumers in the UAE?” My research will be a comparative study between UAE and UK legal legislations in the consumer protection field. Through this research I am going to look at western legal systems such as the UK and Europe, since these countries were foremost in adopting consumer protection laws. My research will then focus on the UAE and other Arab countries’ consumer protection legislation and the Shari’ah Law point of view in the same field. These laws will then be assessed in the light of the western legal regimes. The strengths and weaknesses of these different regimes will be scrutinized and the lessons that the UAE can take from the western regimes will be indicated.

This study will try to discover the reason why the UAE is facing a continuous increase in the prices of commodities, and the problem of importation of toxic food in the market. Finally, this research will focus on the attitude of the government towards consumer protection and the most necessary steps that it might take in this respect will be discussed.

Throughout the comparison, some recommendations and solutions will be included that may help and support the UAE government in improving and developing the Consumer Protection Law in the UAE.

Page last updated: Monday 07 March 2016