Abdullah Mattar

After I graduated from Cairo University in 2002, I went back to my country, Saudi Arabia, to work as a lawyer. I worked in many places, including law firms, and practised in many areas of law; family law, trade law and Islamic law. In 2004, I became a writer in Okaz newspaper, a well-known publication in Saudi Arabia, as well as Sayidaty Magazine. In 2005, I established my own law firm, but was hope to continue my studies in a USA or EU university, so in 2006 I decided to do LLM at the University of Arizona, USA. In Arizona, I had been selected as one of the best law students in the university, and was awarded a certificate. After I finished my LLM in 2008, I decided to do my PhD in the UK, in order to have diverse cultures and knowledge from many countries.

My research is about anti-dumping and anti-subsidies and their impact on the Saudi petrochemicals productions. This research is analysing the cases against Saudi Arabia around the world and how to protect these productions from legal action. It is also worth knowing about these two aspects under the Islamic Law, which is new study as well. It is important to know the weaknesses in these two aspects under GATT and what should the World Trade Organization’s members do in order to develop these regulations to be suitable with the economic changes in the world. 

Page last updated: Tuesday 04 November 2014