Abigail Williams

Course: Psychology BSc
Level: Undergraduate
Department: Department of Life Sciences
College: College of Health and Life Sciences

On all the open days at Brunel, all the students and staff that I met were welcoming, friendly and happy to help, which is what initially attracted me to the university. The campus is also a main factor for me as I love how all the buildings and amenities are in one place rather than spread out, as it makes it seem less daunting and more homely.

The services that Brunel offer are amazing – from lectures and the library to Locos and Academy. Everything a student could want is situated on campus, so you never feel like you’re left out or lacking in something. I also love being so close to London as there are loads of opportunities for days or nights out, and I personally love the ease of transport, as there are bus stops all around campus, which also make it easy to get to the town centre.

The Professional Development Centre at Brunel are always willing to help. I am currently doing a work placement that they helped me to find. I’m really enjoying it and am very grateful to everyone there. They also post lots of jobs online for students to browse and apply for, both on and off campus, which means that wherever a student lives, there is likely to be something for them. Being in greater London also helps with job opportunities, as it is so easy to get into the Capital.

The number of clubs and societies offered is amazing! They have everything, and are always willing to listen if you have an idea for a new club you might want here.

I love the diversity of cultures at Brunel, my grammar school had a small boarding school attached which housed people from all over the world, so Brunel feels like a home away from home and also provides the opportunity for me to learn more about other cultures.

Page last updated: Tuesday 08 March 2016