Alexia Kalligeraki

Level: Undergraduate
Department: Department of Life Sciences
College: College of Health and Life Sciences

The Biosciences course at Brunel was my first choice university due to the variety and flexibility the course offers. I was pleased to find that from day one I was able to feel comfortable in my new surroundings and eager to get to work. The welcoming events and introduction to the staff and facilities was a delightful experience and I immediately felt a member of the division.

The structure of the course allowed me to set solid foundations for my further studies during year one, where we were taught the basic principles behind cellular biology and biochemistry. In addition, the extensive laboratory work helped me familiarise myself with basic procedures and develop my practical skills. The content in year two is incredibly interesting, although challenging at times, and the lecturers are all engaging and committed to their field of research - their drive and passion for their subject areas have influenced several of my career choices so far, and I have come to be deeply interested in specific topics due to the enthusiasm conveyed by the teaching staff.

Apart from my degree, I have been given the opportunity to engage with the student body and staff on numerous occasions through my work as a Course Representative for Level Two. Being an elected representative, I act as the link between my fellow students and staff at official meetings and designated focus groups to shape the course according to changing student needs, to improve the university experience for all, and to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and taken into consideration. I believe that representation is of vital significance, and I try to promote that ideal in all aspects of my work.

As I’m currently finishing my second year, I feel confident enough to successfully tackle my dissertation next year and begin setting down the foundation for my postgraduate studies. I hope to continue to represent my fellow students at all levels, and do justice to the work set down by all student representatives in the past years.

Studying Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University has been one of the most positive and important opportunities I’ve had the fortune to be given, and I am glad and proud to be a member of the Division of Biosciences. 

Page last updated: Monday 26 October 2015