Alice Lennox

It hasn't been too easy doing all my training and my studying, but I have really wanted to do both so I tried to make it happen! In first year it was easier because I was able to do more training and I had never been able to train indoors before so it was amazing to come here for that. In second and third year it has become more difficult whilst on placement, but I have been lucky as many of my placements have been quite close by so I have managed to get my training done in the evenings.

The one placement I have had that was far away was over the winter when technical training isn't as important, it is mainly fitness work that is needed to be done, so I used to run from my placement in Westminster to Baker's Street to get the train home most days which satisfied my training, then just left the technical work to be done at weekends!

I actually originally chose Brunel for my athletics, not the physiotherapy department, and hadn't actually looked into the course before I started- ridiculous I know! I am definitely very glad I have chosen the course here though, and on several occasions when I have had to miss classes for competitions, or reschedule classes for training, everyone has always been very helpful and made this possible.

I love competing for the university as there is always a great feeling of being in a team and I am very sad that I will only have one more chance to compete for Brunel!

Page last updated: Monday 01 June 2015