Anish Patel

I chose Brunel University London because it has a strong base for the sports science field. It also has a good network for graduate and placement jobs. The university is highly acknowledged and widely known throughout the UK. I like that whatever we learn in lectures can be applied during the lab experiments using various types of equipment which can explain certain physiological changes during exercise. I enjoy undertaking studies which help to prove or disprove research to back up or challenge current research.

My placement was at West Ham Academy FC. My daily activities included collecting morning measurements and post training RPE scores, providing feedback on GPS unit data to help inform coaches, players and sports scientist of the player’s performance.

I have most enjoyed working with highly motivating staff members and also enjoyed building a good rapport with the academy players. Each day everyone is striving to become better and being a part of the academy I feel that there are always new things to learn and apply.

Throughout the placement I feel that I can work independently under pressure and can manage my time efficiently. I look to develop myself through reflection which will help me become better at learning from mistakes I encounter. I can critically evaluate journals better than I was able to when I first started and have collected data and performed studies which will help me with research in my final year.

Page last updated: Thursday 24 September 2015