Bijan Kumar Saha

I was determined to study at Brunel University because it is one of the most world renowned and famous universities in my field.

Faculty members at Brunel University are very qualified and experienced, and they are helping me to build my knowledge and skills. Therefore, studying at Brunel is helping me to enhance my career as a Specialised Occupational Therapist. Furthermore, Brunel provides an excellent study environment through a beautiful campus, friendly staff, good availability of study resources (library, internet, and other research facilities), as well as recreational activities including sports, clubs, and trips to historical places across Britain - I am really glad and proud to be a part of the Brunel community. The MSc Occupational Therapy degree will definitely help me to enhance my career. Brunel is helping me in diverse ways to increase my knowledge, and skills that will make me stand out from others.

Page last updated: Monday 02 February 2015