Cayla Ann Tomás Murray

Prior to Brunel, I studied Law LLB at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. However, I soon realised that the course did not suit me as I yearned to engage in a greater sense of the international. It was then that I decided I would study International Politics BSc at Brunel University London. I was not, however, able to imagine the opportunities that would be presented to me as a student of International Politics BSc beforehand. During my first year I was presented with the life-changing prospect of studying abroad. I felt this offer was simply too good to refuse and upon applying, was granted the Erasmus+ scholarship. This allowed me to live and study in one of Central Europe’s most ancient and beautiful cities, Prague. Whilst there, I was fortunate enough to travel around many Central and European countries, study at Charles University in Prague, one of Europe’s finest universities, and establish a network of like-minded individuals from all over the European continent. Moreover, my host university went out of its way to include me into university life by inviting to present cultural evenings on my home country and by offering me an internship with their online news forum, iForum. During this time, I also establish a branch for my political party in Prague, the Democratic Alliance Abroad Prague, and was assisted by some members of my host University’s international department. For these reasons, I would definitely recommend Brunel to any student with an interest in the international. Not only has this University broadened my understanding of Europe, but it has made me increasingly curious of world affairs. Furthermore it has enhanced my career prospects by encouraging programmes such as Erasmus+.

Page last updated: Thursday 12 November 2015