Chidebe Nwankwo

Brunel Law School has created a friendly and homely environment for everyone involved and I have been privileged to work under the supervision of some of the best professionals in legal academia.

My research is focused on the institutional framework of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). My research is a multi-disciplinary scholarly exercise cutting across fields including, but not limited to international law, political science, international relations, economics and sociology. I discuss the nature of the ECOWAS treaty establishing that it assumes a supranational status. In my work I examine the design of institutional framework of the community. I also examine how the community institutions relate both at the regional level and domestically and how key actors in the integration process affect community policies.

I hope that by the end of my degree, the analysis of the trappings of the legal and institutional machinery would be of value to the discourse of supranational organisations in the continent and also be of theoretical value to students and practitioners in the integration process in the sub-region and the wider continent.

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