Cristiana Maria Mitrofan

I am an EU student and whilst I was researching universities my main interest was to focus on which course offered the best facilities as well as the quality of the course itself. I am glad to have made the right choice. What I find really outstanding about my university experience is the staff. In my first months at Brunel, everything was new for me: the idea of studying in the UK, experiencing the people and culture, how and where to find various services, etc. I have asked for help on several occasions many people at Brunel including my lecturers, my seminar leaders, the law school support office, the academic skills service, the placement and career service and even the subject librarian. I was surprised at the kindness I received from the people I asked, all of which have had an impact on my experience. I think the people you meet in a particular place make up the experience you have there, and I am very pleased with the people I met at Brunel.

My advice to new students would be to study hard. All of my efforts were appreciated by my lecturers which further motivated me to do my best. I have received a prize for the Top Criminal Law Student at Brunel which means a lot to me, as it reflects all of my work and effort.

Currently I am working on two essays. I have always managed to find the resources I needed for my research through the Brunel library. At the moment I am also applying for placements and the Placement and Careers Centre is helping me with my applications.

The extracurricular activities in which I engaged in my first year such as Debating, Legal Professional Master-classes and the Pro Bono course have helped me develop many skills and have significantly improved my CV. I am also the Academic Representative for Aspiring Solicitors at Brunel which gives me the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of students from my course and to organise fantastic workshops. I am looking forward to my placement next year, and I hope I will successfully pursue a career as a solicitor.

Page last updated: Monday 02 February 2015