Ekaterina Glebkina

Attending Brunel University for my graduate studies was a decision that came quite easily for me. Brunel is an excellent university with a good reputation. Moreover, it is consistently highly-rated in the UK. One of the main reasons I chose Brunel University was that I wanted a university with a good programme in my field of study. I have met numerous people at Brunel University, peers and professors alike, that have enriched my life and made my educational experience rewarding.

Most of all, I enjoy the creativity and freedom that I am given to think and express my points of view. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and this makes being in a classroom setting interesting. Professors at Brunel University are considered excellent due to their kindness and familiarity with each individual student. The one thing I like most about my programme is the diversity of the student body. There are students from all over the world with different cultural, geographical, and educational backgrounds.

I would advise any prospective university student to stay curious. Keep your eyes, ears, and minds open - while you are studying at Brunel University, ideas and information are available everywhere.

I am looking for a graduate programme in the field of finance. The Master's degree in Finance and Investment has really helped me to develop my analytical and professional skills. I am sure my thorough education in finance will help me to successfully complete a finance graduate programme. 

Page last updated: Monday 07 March 2016