Emma Pallant

I managed to balance my studies and my athletics training by limiting my social life! I saw the time demands of the physio degree as a benefit to my running because it kept me on the straight and narrow and meant I had to train when I had the gaps, and the rest of the time I was working hard towards my degree.

It was a healthy balance between the mental and physical challenges and meant I didn't have time for distractions, which helped my athletics. I also loved representing Brunel because this is where I made my social contacts. We pulled together as a team competing for Brunel, and I found the same with my classmates, so I got my network of friends and my social life from that.

I chose Brunel because I knew that the physiotherapy course was highly regarded and focused on the practical application, which appealed to me.

I also found the athletics facilities and distance from my coach and training group an advantage, and I could access my medical support and sponsorship out of the athletics centre so it was an easy choice really! 

Page last updated: Monday 26 October 2015