Faleh Salem Al Kahtani

In 2006 I received my Master’s degree in criminal justice, and my dissertation was about the freedom of religion under Shari’ah legislation and worldwide human rights principles (a comparative and analytical research).

My intention when I started my PhD at Brunel Law School was to write about criminal justice again, however my dissertation has changed to focus on company and capital market regulations. This area appealed to me, as it is important in light of the need to reform current Saudi regulations in terms of company policy and the capital market. Research is crucial as there are countless obstacles surrounding this area, including: the weakness of the Saudi legislative authority, the emphasis on positive man-made sheltering in this area, and the need to adapt a best practice from other on-going international experiences. Thus, my PhD thesis is about current Saudi corporate governance practices: presenting a case for reform.

I have suggested some proposals for future researchers regarding future corporate governance aspects in Saudi Arabia as follows: the method by which it is possible to encompass the Islamic perspective of corporate governance from inside Islamic corporations and institutions, and the reform of the Saudi listed corporations’ board of directors. This also involves assisting shareholders in exercising their rights within Saudi listed corporations, encouraging the applications of corporate social responsibility and promoting the self-regulatory corporate governance policies of Saudi listed corporations.

In the preparation of this research, I have been indebted to many academics at Brunel Law School for their kind co-operation, their generous assistance, and their encouragement. In particular, I am extremely grateful to my supervisor Dr Olufemi Amao, for his enthusiasm, guidance, patience and invaluable assistance as well as being very kind, warm-hearted and polite to me throughout meticulous readings of the earlier draft of this research. 

Page last updated: Tuesday 04 November 2014