Gavin Travers

I spent my undergraduate years at the University of Exeter studying Sports and Exercise Sciences, graduating in 2011. For my undergraduate dissertation I investigated the use of lactate profiling and aquatic metronomes to regulate exercise intensity in freestyle swimmers. Following my undergraduate degree, I completed a part-time MSc in Sports Science (Human Performance) at Brunel University. During this time I was able to gain laboratory experience working with researchers in areas including the regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow and exercise performance with graded hyperthermia.

For my Master’s dissertation I investigated the effects of hypohydration with and without concomitant hyperthermia on repeated sprint cycling performance. In 2014 I began as a PhD student at Brunel and moved to Qatar to work as a postgraduate researcher at ASPETAR Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha. My PhD investigates the effects of dehydration and heat acclimation on cardiovascular function and exercise performance and is supervised by Professor José González-Alonso and Dr Julien Périard.

My sporting interests cover a wide range and when I’m not injured I like to try new things. I’m an enthusiastic swimmer and from time to time I have even been known to actually get in the pool. I also dabble in the occasional run and bike ride. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and drinking tea.

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