George Gehm

Auditioning for the Music Award was the best decision I made at Brunel. I am a full award holder, which means I receive free singing lessons fortnightly from highly experienced teachers who help me grow technically whilst also fuelling my passion for music. The Arts Centre has a range of classes. The three I partake in are Brunel University Barbershop (BUBs), Voices and The Musical Theatre Workshop. All of these classes have helped me develop my confidence as well as my technical performance. The team at the Arts Centre is amazing: you are made to feel welcome, cared about and supported in your learning and development, no matter what your reason is for attending classes. Everyone is equally welcome.

I'm a second year Theatre student and one of the main reasons I picked Brunel was its location. The links into central London are great – you are only a 40 minute tube ride from Baker Street. Not only is this great for me to fuel my love of theatre, but to be on the doorstep of a city full of both classical and upcoming artistic work, I have a fantastic opportunity for learning and entertainment.

Page last updated: Monday 07 March 2016