Helen Rogers

I’m part of the Brunel hockey team, which has great training and social opportunities. It’s a sport that is open to beginners and experienced players alike. It is an opportunity to meet people with similar interests in sport and to take part in the many various socials, which are often fancy dress.

I chose to do physiotherapy at Brunel because of the variety of teaching staff, many of whom have carried out interesting research from very diverse areas, and are still in clinical practice. There are also opportunities for students to be involved in some of the research that takes place. There are also placement opportunities that are very varied, including military placements, which is very rare for universities to offer.

Brunel is near a tube line so it is easy to visit central London and enjoy the attractions there. It is a very multicultural university so you get to meet people from all over the world.

I have dyslexia and I have found the Disability and Dyslexia Service to be excellent. They provide me with the support I need to keep up with my workload and make sure I’m not falling behind and have also given me valuable exam support – I was able to test out using a reader before the exam to see if it would help. They also helped me learn how to use the special equipment that they supplied me with, which really made my studying easier.

Page last updated: Tuesday 08 March 2016