Hossam El Deeb

I chose Brunel University because of their excellent academic reputation in research, and the recommendations that I received from colleagues who studied there.  

After I obtained my Master's degree from the University of London in 2008, I worked as a Human Rights lawyer at the National Council For Human Rights in Egypt, before joining the United Nations to work in the International law field at the UNHCR Middle East regional office. In 2010, I was Assistant Counsel before the International Criminal Court working on a case in Africa. In 2011, I decided to start my PhD studies in the field to enhance my knowledge and experience.

Brunel law school has a wide range of specialisations and expertise in different fields of law. Currently I work under the supervision of Dr Mohamed Elewa Badar, who provides me with very professional assistance and guidance during my research work. Dr. Badar is an expert in the field of ICL and I am proud to work under his supervision at a great university like Brunel.

Page last updated: Monday 07 March 2016