Iain Farquharson

I decided to undertake a PhD a few years after completing my BA at Brunel in 2009 and my MA elsewhere in 2010. Having stayed in contact with my personal tutor from my undergraduate days, Brunel seemed like a good place to start my search for supervisors. Ultimately it was a very short search as, after having my initial enquiries responded to with enthusiasm, it confirmed in my mind that Brunel was the best place for me to be.


This has been confirmed by my experiences over the last two years. After discussing the most beneficial method of study (settling on part-time) the support and guidance from all members of academic staff has been fantastic. Everyone is happy to chip in and offer advice on specific aspects of research, while the seminar programmes and workshops help with engagement with different research areas and ideas beyond your own.


I've also been very impressed by the social aspects of life at Brunel. Particularly in the humanities a PhD can be a lonely experience, but at Brunel I think we're lucky to have group of people in each department who are always around for coffee and a chat, with the Politics and History research students having established a "coffee and sympathy" meeting once a month to discuss our research, air any issues we're having and to support each other through the various stages. Workshops and seminars which run regularly are fantastic ways to meet PhD students from other disciplines as well.


What I most enjoy about studying at Brunel is the friendly atmosphere and willingness of everyone in the department to help and advice. Ultimately I'm hoping to take this into my own academic career once I've completed my studies. 

Page last updated: Wednesday 13 April 2016