Jamaal Julien

I’ve chosen Brunel simply because of the opportunities I have to better myself both socially and intellectually. Moving from Canada to the United Kingdom was not easy, but the Brunel Law School ensured that I was comfortable and had everything I needed to make this my home.

There is plenty to do here to keep yourself busy, for example I am a committee member for the Brunel Law Society as well as a Student Representative, which allows me to interact with my fellow students as well as my professors in a productive and positive way.

The many extra-curricular master classes offered by the school and taught by practicing barristers provides you with essential knowledge and skills. Fraud Prevention and Legal Skills, for example, are actual programmes offered here which go on your transcript at the end of your studies. I’m glad I took advantage of those courses.

My plans for the future include becoming a barrister in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. The knowledge gained here at Brunel will follow me home and give me an edge over those who decided to stay local for studies, which gives me more to talk about at job interviews or to those who may be thinking about studying abroad. 

If there is one thing I have to recommend to students thinking of attending Brunel University it is to look at yourself – what do you want out of the experience? Where do you want your education to take you? Brunel University is not only a learning institution but also a place to try new things, let your voice be heard, and overall become anyone you want to be.

Page last updated: Monday 07 March 2016