Jasper Oreva Ojoghoro

My top priority when choosing where to do research was a university’s reputation, availability of research tools and infrastructures and the presence of renowned academics in the desired areas of research. The quality of supervision judged by the accessibility and support of the supervisory team was also significant. To this end, I emailed a number of possible supervisors to see which will respond promptly and will demonstrate keen interest in my research proposal. It was my current supervisor that met these criteria.

Since my arrival at Brunel 2 years ago, my experience has been amazing, more than what you will ever imagine reading about the university online. The research community in my institute is very warm - a haven where everyone is ready to help. My supervisors are very supportive, the best every research student would like to have. There is a wide range of training and professional development programmes offered by Brunel, so much so you wish you have more than 24 hours a day to benefit from all. I have head different paid and voluntary roles (Facilitator, Student Ambassador, Space surveyor, etc.), which have developed in me entrepreneurial/professional skills that will come in handy when I set-up my firm. I have also sat on a number of student–staff liaison committees to represent my peers and influence University’s policies that affects them.

I really feel that this is my Brunel and students joining me will taste first-hand the exciting research experiences that Brunel has to offer.

Page last updated: Thursday 31 March 2016