Javil Parris

From my home country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, located within the distant domains of the Caribbean, I received word of the wonderful experiences Brunel University had to offer. Soon after, I found myself pursuing a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering at this illustrious and culturally diverse university. Although I was filled with a yearning to achieve academic excellence, I also brought with me my limitless passion for music. I soon found myself at the Arts Centre where I was introduced to the music awards. After much hesitation, I decided to audition and to my surprise, I was successful. My music award involved lessons in Piano Music Theory with the talented Sally Goodworth and without a shadow of a doubt, it has greatly contributed to my development as a musician.

Before to coming to Brunel I had no experience in Music Theory, although I was actively involved in concerts, shows and other musical events around my country. I relied totally on my ear to learn and replicate pieces that I was required to perform. Although I had spent 7 years of my musical journey adapting to such a limited approach to music, I was conscious of the fact that I was limiting my own musical experience. My music award with the Arts Centre opened an avenue through which I have been able to broaden my understanding of my instrument and music as a whole. Although I have not perfected all principles of Music Theory, I now have a solid foundation upon which I can build with much effort and practice. The Arts Centre has indeed significantly contributed to my wonderful experience here at Brunel by providing a means of balancing between my passion for music and my academic pursuits.

Page last updated: Friday 26 February 2016