Jeanette Banks

The two-year course offered at Brunel provided me with background knowledge in a huge variety of subjects including law, psychology, linking practice to current research findings and ethical considerations.

Along with the academic knowledge, the two practice placements provided me with unprecedented opportunities to see social work in practice in very different settings, namely end of life and palliative care, and dementia social work. This direct experience has improved my confidence in working with other professionals.

Completing my own research was challenging but also taught me determination and persistence. My dissertation tutor, Rachana Patni, supported me through the process tremendously, encouraging me to ‘find my own voice’. This piece of advice continues to help me daily now, that I am currently employed full-time as a social worker in a Community Mental Health team.

This course permitted me to understand the values and ethics of working as a social worker in a world of limited resources, and to uphold these values when working with vulnerable people in need.

Page last updated: Monday 03 November 2014