Joshua Komolafe

Leading up to my A-levels, I managed to persuade my parents that, paying for a good school was the best option for me. So, when my results didn't seem to match that theory, I was bitterly disappointed. Firstly, because I didn't meet my predicted grades of A*AA and secondly, because I really wanted to go to a good university in London.

Amidst all the panic, I called Brunel, as going to a campus-based university, where there was a strong sense of community and belonging, was number one priority on my checklist. After a discussion about the course and my grades, they were able to offer me a place. It really was a simple process; I was so relieved when it was over!

I hadn’t been to Brunel before but as soon as I had arrived I knew I had made the right choice. Brunel was so welcoming and I loved that everything was on campus, it felt like home. I arrived a day earlier; this gave me a chance to welcome people into my halls and to make friends quickly. During Freshers’ week I played lots of sports and was able to join a local church. When I did go home in the holidays, I couldn’t wait to get back to Uni!

My advice to students who face clearing...please don‘t stress about it, pick up the phone and talk to someone. 

Page last updated: Tuesday 14 July 2015