Katy Gough

I have been lucky enough to be a recipient of an Arts Centre Music Award throughout my undergraduate English degree, having auditioned at the beginning of my first year. The award enables students such as myself, who are doing non-musical degrees, to keep up their training, which would otherwise be too expensive for many students.

I have had individual singing lessons throughout my time at Brunel and joined many other Arts Centre courses such as Voices - a modern choir for experienced singers, and the musical productions put on twice a year, both of which I was encouraged to join upon audition by Arts Centre staff.

Without the Music Award, my university experience would not have been as vibrant, with many people I met through these courses becoming my closest friends. I would encourage anyone who wishes to continue their musical enthusiasm at Brunel to apply for a Music Award – they are truly invaluable.

Page last updated: Thursday 02 July 2015