Kema Alexis Foua

After completing my LLM in International Comparative and Business Law at London Metropolitan University in 2007, I worked for two different law firms in Kent and London. Since October 2010, I have embarked on a Research study at Brunel University. This is a delightful experience as, not only have I met other researchers from different countries, but I have also given myself the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of International law under the supervision of a renowned scholar. Brunel University is listed among the top institutions in the UK for Research. This characteristic was the determining factor in my decision to apply for a PhD here.

My research topic is about the implementation of Core International Labour Standards (CILS) in developing countries. I intend to focus my analysis on the issue of Child Labour on cocoa and coffee plantations in the Ivory Coast. This topic is indeed a cross road for human rights law and Labour law alike because there is an issue of child rights arising in a work environment. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is the leading actor in the international legal arena in regard to addressing the issue efficiently. Meanwhile, the various challenges for the ILO to eliminate child labour, having in mind the looming Millennium Development Goals (MDG), lead to the question of the effectiveness of Core International Labour Standards in developing countries in general, and in particular in the Ivory Coast.

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