Kerri-Anne Prince

Now in my second year, I know that I definitely made the right decision in choosing Brunel. I’m a Councillor in Hertfordshire, so one of the most appealing factors about Brunel was the location. Another factor was Brunel’s Politics course being a Bachelor of Science degree rather than Bachelor of Arts. The course also features specific topics I’m interested in, such as Modern British Politics, American Politics and Parties and Voters in the UK. Having leading experts at the University is a strong asset – Brunel offers the best.

After University I want to go into British party politics and elections so the modules complement the career choice I have in mind.

Extra-curricular activities enhance my degree including those I take part in through the Union of Brunel Students. I am Campaigns Chair for the Union as well as Chair of Brunel Labour and Web Officer for Brunel Politics Society. In this climate, a degree needs to be accompanied by experience, involvement and commitment, all of which Brunel offers. I’ve also been given opportunities to organise and run events and campaigns such as comedian Eddie Izzard giving a talk about politics to students in May 2012. When I leave University I will be proud to say that I am a Brunel graduate.

Page last updated: Monday 21 July 2014