Mahshid Yaraghi Esfahani

The knowledge, skills and expertise that I acquired from my undergraduate Law degree (LLB) at Brunel University equipped me to undertake my postgraduate course and then research PhD at Brunel University School of Law.

I graduated in 2013 with an International Commercial Law Master’s degree, and have gained legal experience working as a volunteer and as a summer clerk. In each division, I assisted senior associates and junior lawyers in the running of files for major private sector and government clients. This experience developed my research, drafting and analytical skills, and by choosing the PhD of Law programme I expanded my legal knowledge in the field of International Law.

The aim of my research is to analyse and explore the best course of action for stopping wrongful acts by one or more states against peace, it clarifies what courses of actions are available in the international sphere, and tries to understand how to select the appropriate course of action and implement it. In order to do this, my thesis will first lay out the theories of international reaction to a threatening act. It will then examine the different means that can be used to prevent and stop such actions. I aim to find and discuss the new and effective, but mostly overlooked methods by which peace can be maintained on an international level.

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