Marlene Weber

After finishing school in my hometown Regensburg in the south of Germany I decided to study Architecture since I have always been a creative person and have a high interest in human behaviour and the human environment. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in Munich, Germany and Milan, Italy and then decided to slightly change my orientation towards product/industrial design.

From past travel experiences I had an affection for the UK and London and decided to apply at Brunel. I was lucky to be accepted and Brunel's strong focus on human behaviour and current technology trends made me realise my passion for Human Centred Design. I chose Joseph Giacomin, the founder of the Human Centred Design Institute as my supervisor for my Master's dissertation and worked on an emotional mouse, measuring the user’s stress level using galvanic skin response technology.

After completing the MSc course in Integrated Product Design I started my PhD and became part of the Automotive Habitat Lab, a team of scientists exploring the Automotive Environment from a Human Centred Perspective. 

Page last updated: Thursday 31 March 2016