Martynas Stonkus

I knew that I would be going through Clearing even before my A-Level results came out. I really wanted to do Physiotherapy but had not been predicted the required grades. In fact I achieved BBD, which was higher than the grades I had been predicted but still not quite high enough for the Physiotherapy course I wanted to study.

I had already visited Brunel University for an interview day for Physiotherapy. I liked the atmosphere on campus and the location was perfect with easy access from my home in Kent. I had no hesitation in contacting Brunel to enquire about their courses. I was put through to their dedicated Clearing Line and then had the opportunity to talk to the Head of Life Sciences about the Sport, Health and Exercise courses. I was offered a place straight away and after such a stressful day I had a feeling of extreme relief and excitement. Brunel University London has a good reputation and I felt proud to say to my friends that I had been offered a place there. Their response was really positive!

I was told that my accommodation for the first year would be on campus at Chepstow Hall so I joined the Facebook group and started to talk to future first year residents online. I also joined the Facebook group for my course. Settling in at Brunel was easy, as it is such a friendly university and the people in my halls were great.

From September, I am going to specialise in Physiology. Sport Science offers such a wide career choice from becoming a PE teacher or personal trainer to working with elite athletes. I've kept my options are open and I may even return to study a Master’s in Physiotherapy. Everything is possible, it just depends on how hard I work to achieve my grades and what route I choose to follow.

My advice to Clearing students? Don’t panic. There are always lots of options available. Look at the dedicated Clearing pages, contacting the university is easy and they will take you through everything. It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I have ended up at an excellent university, with a whole range of career options ahead of me.

Page last updated: Tuesday 27 October 2015